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VR 3 generations

1. no color, no distortion, more realistic (the equivalent of one meter viewing a person's performance, skin and hair are clear)
2. really virtual, stand-alone operating system Andrews will make you seek more
3. the real 3 m 100-inch screen to watch the effect of the previous phones are 5cm watch, over time, your eyes will no longer be the eye
4. massive resources, rich applications to meet your needs (Cang teacher can get up close and face to face in your eyes, but can not be achieved before you dare, you can now realized)
5. HD movies Behind the Scenes, step ahead, leading step by step, it will make your speech more authoritative (not even in the movie theater was the first to watch you)
6. a catch in the end the drama, playing the game you will be immersed and enjoy greater happiness
7. users of the Gospel of myopia, wearing glasses can be viewed directly, the naked eye, perfect to use 600 degrees
8. supports only 4.7-inch 6.1-inch phone, iPhone6 Plus perfect support
10. the focal length and IPD split-adjusted individually, a key dual-use, very convenient, with better materials, refined appearance.

ABS + PC environmental protection material
Lens / transmittance:
33.5mm diameter aspherical optical resin lenses.
Modification / increases:
1% -2% / 1.5% -2 times
Cushioning material:
leather + Memory Foam
Wearing Material:
elastic nylon belt
Watch analog recording:
3m inch giant screen to watch the 1000 (for reference only)
Viewing angle:
70-90 degrees
Support phone:
3.5 inch -6 inch phone Apple / Android
Product Weight:


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